Introduction to Shea Pita & Associates Ltd

Shea Pita & Associates Ltd (Shea Pita) is a boutique consulting company operated by Morris Pita and Sharon Shea. Our core business is the provision of strategic,
economic, social policy, project management and organisational development services to organisations engaged in Maori economic and social development

Our approach is to address every challenge alongside our clients in order to gain material insights into the issues they are dealing with at the same time as helping to develop the
capacity and skillbase of their own personnel. Our system for innovative problem solving is centred on the application of high levels of technical and intellectual rigour, which in conjunction
enable the generation of strategies and solutions capable of delivering meaningful results to clients and the whanau they represent on an inter-generational basis.


We specialise in the following fields:

·        Outcome framework design and facilitation

·        NGO and public sector strategy

·        Statistical analysis and survey development

·        Governance best practice

·        Project management

·        Commercial negotiation

·        Economic and financial analysis

·        Strategic planning and asset optimisation

·        Business case development

·        Joint venture development


This website is currently under re-construction.

Any queries should be directed to Sharon Shea on 021 482 199 ( or Morris Pita on 021 628 615 (